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REcipe for a Charmed Life Cover.jpg

Recipe for a Charmed Life by Rachel Linden



Georgia May Jackson has had one goal since she was 10 years old—to be the head chef at a restaurant in Paris.  Georgia grew up watching Julia Child on PBS and learning all that she could about cooking.  After high school graduation, Georgia May left the Texas ranch for culinary school and then on to Paris.  She has worked her way up and her goal is close enough to touch.  But in one night, she loses it all—her job, her boyfriend, her spark. Worst of all for a chef, she loses her sense of taste.  While mourning her losses and wondering what to do next, Georgia May receives an email from her long- estranged mother.  She impulsively flies to the Seattle area to meet Star.  She also meets Star’s very attractive neighbor who is strangely antagonistic to her. The slow pace of the island is just where Georgia May needs to be.  As her mind and body enjoy the calm, Georgia May slowly regains her ability to taste the foods she loves to make. But family secrets may ruin the peace she is finding.  And when the opportunity to return to Paris for her dream job arises, will Georgia May know the best path to choose?


Fans of romantic comedies and mystical realism novels will be enchanted.  Recipe for a Charmed Life is the first book I read by Rachel Linden, but it won’t be the last.  I look forward to more of her stories.

by Teresa Newton

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