The Foundling

Paul Joseph Fronczak
364.15 FRO


Reviewed by
Teresa Newton, Library Director


Genealogy buffs may want to take a break from researching their family histories and read about the experiences of others. One such book that I recently read is The Foundling by Paul Joseph Fronczak.

The Foundling is the author’s personal history.  In 1964, a baby was kidnapped from his mother’s arms at a Chicago hospital. Months go by with no trace of the woman or the stolen baby.  In July of 1965, a toddler is abandoned on the sidewalk in Newark, New Jersey.


Detectives cannot determine with certainty if the boy is the stolen Fronczak child, but it is decided that he probably is. The Fronczaks take Paul home to Chicago and go on with their lives but Paul feels like he doesn’t fit in with the family. He learns about the kidnapping when he is ten and becomes obsessed with the idea that he really isn’t Paul at all.  As an adult, Paul begins researching the case.  


His story is featured on local television and the story picked up nationwide. Volunteers take on the case and use DNA testing and online genealogy resources to find answers.  

The library also has books in the Jefferson Tayte genealogical mysteries by Steve Robinson.  And of course our Lawrence County room contains all the resources you need to research you own family’s history.